Clutch and Gearbox Installations and Repairs in Longbridge and Northfield

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We pride ourselves on delivering reliable clutches and gearboxes installations and repair services. At our Northfield car garage, our team of skilled and experienced mechanics have fitted and repaired thousands of clutches and gearboxes in all makes and models of cars.
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We have a reputation for quality work and great customer service among our hundreds of satisfied and repeat customers in the South Birmingham region.

Clutch Replacementin Longbridge and Northfield

The clutch is the heart of your transmission system, performing the shifts in gear that you demand of it. It’s a crucial component for the well-being and smooth driving of your car. If you find your car changing gears with a sudden jolt or jerk, or if your transmission makes loud grinding noises during gear changes, contact Lodge Hill Autos today to see what we can do for you.

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All gearbox and clutch repairs are performed by our skilled mechanics at our dedicated car service centre in Northfield, South Birmingham. We welcome drivers from across the city to our garage, where they can expect fast and effective service from our helpful and friendly staff.

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